Would you prefer to collaborate or compete?

A women smiling

I have been working with a large cohort of non-profit organisations, and one of the participants asked me if I could give her some practical ideas to collaborate, as some people have the same or similar business ideas or businesses instead of competing how do we collaborate?

My response was:

“Thank you for raising a great question. I’ll do my best to answer it openly”

“As the course continues, you will find that collaborations will develop amongst yourselves, along with a true understanding of what that means. Yesterday, it was evident that a number of you are considering collaborating. However, allow the course to prepare you, get to understand who is in the group, and then build that trust. I need to meet each of you on a personal level to assist you in developing and strengthening your offering. Then I can assist in helping you to build together. You’ll find that no one will compete against each other. You will find that you will find strength, support, and guidance from amongst each other. Give it time, and you will gain more than just money. Most people who are on the course are looking for a long-term secure opportunity. If you meet anyone from the previous course, they will say that jointly they will continue to support each other, and those who have similar businesses are not only running their own business but offering joint opportunities”.

I hope together we can continue to strengthen our relationships and our businesses.